Traveling & illness

Things always go wrong when traveling. Maybe that is  just me but things go wrong. The key then is to be super flexible and go with the flow.. Yet what happens when you are traveling and illness strikes?

This post is just part memory lane part serious.

For fall break my friend and I decided to road trip to Michigan to meet up with another lovely friend.

We woke up at o’dark 3o to hit the road. The drive was really nice. No traffic. A few rest stops and coffee which is exactly how I like to live my life.

We arrived in time for lunch on an insanely cold Michigan day. We headed into town to an adorable 80’s cafe. I had fish and french fries. I would call them fish and chips but I am not actually british just a hard core wannabe.. Which is not actually hard core anything.

We headed back to the college for a tour and settled down to study.

I had a london fog. It was so lovely. (Still not sounding even remotely british.)


Proof that I studied! Also this southern girl did not bring enough warm clothes and had to borrow from my awesome michigan native-friend.

After this we went to the grocery store, bought supplies and made dinner in the school security office.

Saturday-Our awesome hostess was full of wonderful ideas and plans.Yet I woke up feeling like crap.. I was literally freezing. Thanks Colds. I did not have energy for anything. I literally laid in bed doing homework and watching some episodes of Freinds. We then ordered in pizza for lunch. The afternoon was basically a repeat of the morning in terms of activities.

Except for when I called my Mom to ask if you can attend parties when you have a fever. Apparently not.

Thus we ate leftovers for dinner and watched How to Steal a million. 

Despite being very imperfect, it was literally perfect.

We got up the next morning, went to Mass and then left after a quick trip to the grocery store.

Traveling never goes according to plan. Sometimes you wish that things were different. That you had not been sick, all you can do is go with the flow and enjoy every moment as best you can. I will have fond memories of that visit despite being sick! It was awesome to travel and see beloved friends. 🙂


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