12 Habits

I was going to start out by writing resolutions. Only that sounded way to New Years-y and way to much like stoop doing them in February, or the second week of January.

This is not about that. I want to change my life but in a sustainable way.

I am choosing one thing per month to focus on. I am starting now as a jump start on my first goal. This past semester I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben and she really inspired me. This was the method she used for her year long project. Similarly I will be doing thing that make my life better/happier and working on an awesome bucket list in the meantime. 🙂

  1. January Walk 20 minutes a day and take tons of photos especially when traveling!
  2. February Start running If I run 5 miles I get to buy myself some super warm winter leggings because, the Ohio winter is so soo cold. Also Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred.
  3. March-Add HIT workouts to the workout routine, up to 2-3x a week and run the other days.
  4. April Read a book per week. This is not as ambitious as it sounds as I am a fast reader.
  5. May The month of Mary and I am planning to pray the rosary each day. Also take many photos of the spring…Hopefully it will be spring in Ohio in May.
  6. June-Write for 20 minutes every single day. This might mean a post everyday. We shall see. for this year write even a few sentences in  a journal each day.
  7. July-No buying month.
  8. August-Meditation and yoga.
  9. September-Tapping
  10. October-Anxiety toolbox.
  11. November-Write a novel. This might be impossible come november but I will try.
  12. December- Say yes for an entire month.

Other ideas

  1. Apply to tons of places to write.
  2. Spend a month waking up early every day and going to bed early.
  3. Get off the coffee kick and be off for a month to analyze how I feel.
  4. Learn spanish
  5. Earn 1,000 dollars in a month.


These are all hypothetical and potentially subject to change. Also in progress because I have no clue what I will be doing/living in June.

As you can tell this still needs work, the ones not in bold are undecided. Regardless I think 2016 will be an awesome year!


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