If you aren’t stressed and over-committed…

If you are not stressed out and overcommitted you must be doing it wrong.

If you are not stressed out, and over-committed you are  a failure at life.  If you are barely surviving, congrats you are doing it right! If you have so many things piling up all you do is drink coffee and study then you are doing it right.

All the lies. All the lies, of this college life in which I live. My school is a little different than many others. We tend to be super involved in missionary outreach, in ministry, in organizations for the good. In using spring break to fly halfway across the world for a mission trip.

This all seems so good. It can be good; sometimes. I also see students pushed to the breaking point, with schoolwork, extracurricular, work and ministry.

We are doing a million things, but deep down if we had time to think about it we would realize that we are struggling.

It’s really not all that complex. It’s not that we are doing bad stuff, it is just that a lot of time we are failing to take care of our own basic needs.

We know what those basic needs are. You can use google to figure them out.

Sleep. Eat healthy. Exercise. Have downtime. Spend time with friends. Drink something other than coffee, sometimes.

We fail at those and the result is that we get sick and stressed. I chose less this semester and it makes me feel so inadequate. I am getting enough sleep. I have time to eat healthy. I need to work out, that area and others needs some work for sure.

The thing is that I feel inadequate for not being stressed out and over-whelmed. I feel inadequate because I am getting sleep instead of participating in a ministry.

We have bought into the idea that we are defined by what we do, so we better do a lot of things. Also the mentality that everyone else is doing it, living their lives like that so we should too.

I am on over-committer by nature. I have trouble saying no, to anything. Maybe that is half the problem. I think however that as a culture we need to stop glorifying busy.

We need to stop valuing an over-committed lifestyle. We need to value ourselves and taking care of our health.

It’s not super complex. Just simple decisions and life choices to remember. It is defining our own priorities not letting others define them for us, and remembering; Sleep is always a good idea.

Sleep is alwaysa good idea.


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