I think I need to write a book

I think I need to write a book. What a surprise because that is the actual name of this post.

Our lives are filled with moments, with things that happen. Our lives are made up of countless stories.

I think we do not tell our stories enough. I have found people I have known for years, with a story just like mine but neither of us ever told it.

I think that stories exist to be told.

Stories exist to be told.

My life has in some ways been crazy. I have hated some things about my life. Yet all of these things happen for a reason.

Part of this reason is that man is not an island. We do not go through life alone, and we expereince the same things.

We have the same struggles. Telling your story is scary. Terrifying even. Yet stories need to be told.

Writing my story is scary because I do not altogether want others to read it. I do not want others to know those things about me.

I also do not want to take the leap. Sometimes doing things are hard. Doing things that are scary are hard but we need to do them anyway.

Do what scares you and tell your story.

Stories exist to be told.



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