Travel Diary Europe Day 1

I love traveling. Always have but two years ago I was heading over to Europe for 4 months. It was the adventure of a lifetime. I was also not very good at documenting it so now I am documenting it and re-living the experience all over again. Enjoy!

I left on a Saturday. I had been packing and re-packing for weeks. However for some reason I had neglected to to do laundry. Everything else I was bringing was packed. Except for my underwear. We did not have enough time to put it in the dryer. So we put it inside the car in the sun so it would dry. Funny how I remembered that small detail…

My Mom was dropping me off at the airport. I had elected to fly out of Dulles  because it was cheaper. It took us a couple of hours to get there.

We said goodbye and she dropped me off at the terminal. When I went to check my bags I experienced the only freaked out nervousness of the entire four months. Note that I was still in America and in the airport. Why I suddenly got so nervous I will never know.

I checked my bags, went through security, found my gate and settled down for an hour long wait.

Did I change my shirt halfway through? I have no earthly idea. I was dressed fairly warm however because I always get cold on planes. Also how awkward am I with my passport case around my neck and visible?

My favorite photo is undoubtedly the plane food. It is kind of insane to believe I ate that.

It was an 8 hour flight. I honestly have no idea what I did. Probably watch movies that I do not remember or sleep or contemplated my life.

Stay tuned for the next installment!



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