What I was going to write

What I was going to write... (1)

Last week I was going to write about doing things that are impossibly tough. About taking a course over Christmas break spending 12 hours a day on it and having it be one of the hardest things that you have ever tried to do.

I was going to write about doing really hard or tough things for the sake of a greater goal.

About doing things you are not even good at and slogging through for a greater goal and plan for your life.

As an overachiever that post would have been so classic of me. However instead it is monday night and I am tired because I spent the weekend hanging out with freinds, watching movies and staying up way too late  but having a wonderful time.

I discovered that I could not do it all. I discovered that even if I could I would be utterly miserable. That I would not be present to the people around me and I would be exhausted and sad.

We don’t like limitations. As an American and I like to think that I can do anything. The truth is though that I have a certain amount of potential, talent and ability. I am not good at everything. I cannot do everything.

There are things I can do. There is no such thing as no limits. We all have limitations that is part of what points us in the right direction and leads us to what we are actually supposed to do with our lives.

This is not the post I wanted to write. I wanted to write about being strong and tough yet this feels like weakness. Yet knowing when you are beaten, when you are limited, takes courage and prudence.

I was thinking after all of this what I wanted to do how I wanted to live my life. A thought that I tend to give too much time too, as I merely ponder life. However life is about living not just pondering. I do not have to decide how I want to live or be ten years from now. I am living right now. I am making choices today for the future.



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