Do you ever take a minute just to breathe deep? I rarely do. Yet this past week I found myself doing just that. I was supposed to head home the day after finishing finals.

However my friend got sick and had to delay by a day.This left me with an entire day to do whatever I wanted. I want not feeling well myself so I chose to just rest and if we are totally honest watch Netflix.

I did work myself up to some cleaning and packing later on. However I felt like the entire day was one big deep breathe.

As I headed home I felt like I was able to switch gears so much better because I had  a day to decompress.

A day to breathe after the chaos of finals and the stress of the last week of school.

It was just a good reminder that sometimes we need rest. Although in full disclosure I drank caffeine, stayed up too late and only got 5 hours of sleep a few nights ago and I have still not recovered!

Another reminder that I really need sleep…Like a lot.


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