What makes you a mother

What makes you a mother-

I wonder what makes you a mother. It is not life inside of you. You can have children that are not your own flesh and blood and you are still a mother.

It can be when life is inside you. I think however that being a mother is not just about having a child.

Being a mother is about caring.


I am a broke college student, during finals week, chugging coffee as if my life depends on it.  Somehow I feel like a mother.

I found myself looking at car toys themed from the movie cars. Shopping for those, for a little boy I met a few days ago who lives in a shelter with his mom. He is the kid who wants that car and I care. I spent too much money on an Elsa dress for my younger sister  because the desire of her heart is to have one. She wants that Elsa dress and I want her dreams to come true.

In the midst of all this craziness and finals and stress. Someone asked me to help shop for a friend. For kids who will be celebrating their first Christmas without a mom. My heart broke in two. Right then and there.

I started crying while explaining to my roommate that this mattered. That my heart is breaking for those kids who lost thier mother.

You see it is not having kids that makes you a mother, it is loving them.

So yes, at 21 years old I am a mother.


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