So much

I have been doing some Christmas shopping recently and I have come across an issue. It is hard to know what to get people. Especially my brothers but regardless I peruse looking for things to buy for the people I love.

I like giving presents, I like receiving them. But as I look through these lists I am struck by the fact that we already have everything we could ever need.

We have it all. I have everything I need.

I sometimes almost feel bad. Why me? How did I get all of this? How am I so blessed?

I have everything that I need.

Enough clothes to get dressed everyday.

I have food to eat and most of the time I complain about that very food, on my hips.

I have everything I need and most of the time I just need to sit back and remember that.

I have all that I need. 

The things I do have, the guilt I sometimes feel. I did not chose to be born white. I did not chose to born into a middle class family. I simply was. Nothing makes me different from the woman on the street corner simply trying to get by.

With all that I have, I need to turn right around and do something for those who don’t. Not because I have so  much or because I want to feel or sound good about myself.

No. I simply see world problems, world hunger and I remember the words of Mother Teresa.

“If you cannot feed a thousand people than feed just one.”

The the one that always convicts me.

“We must live simply so others may simply live.”

We Must live simply so others may simply live.



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