Today is Thursday. I walked back from work with classes done for the week. Realizing that another week is almost over.

Thursday is the day I realize that yet another week has passed. That yet another week has come to a close.

Thursdays are bittersweet, they mark the end. They also mark the  almost beginging of a weekend.

Right now for me Thursday are quiet days, they merely mark the passage of time.

It feels like monday comes all to soon, then tuesday and before I even realize it; it is thursday again.

Thursdays are movie nights with my roomate. They are comfy clothes and fewer responsiblities. They are also fleeting time. Time that passes so fast.

From one day to the next the days go by and sometimes you don’t even notice them or realize them. It’s strange. Thursdays are when I slow down. When I see my week, and think.

About how fast time passes and about what I want to do with the precious little time I have.

I am wearing my yoga pants and an old navy shirt that says move mountains.

I am moving mountains, one ordinary day, one simple thursday at a time. One more blog post, one more movie night with my roomate, one more pumpkin spiced smelly candle. The ordinary moments, the beautiful moments, that is moving mountains.





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