Celebrating Christmas 24-7

In addition to the 1/5 of the population  that was argueing about red cups last week.  There is also the before Thanksgiving, Christmas debate.

I have been listening to Christmas music since the first weekend of October. It’s early for most people. In fact most people are scandalized to find me listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving!

I don’t really get it. I think that people are worried that if we listen to Christmas music too early we will be sick of Christmas music by the time Christmas comes around.

Of course, there is also the encampment that includes my mother who think that you should start Christmas the day before and then celebrate far into January.

Personally I am part of both encampments. Both the before and the after Christmas celebrating.

After putting some thought into it. I think we can never celebrate Christmas enough.

The real point of Christmas is less about red cups and twinkling lights no matter how much I love both of them. The real point is about Christ coming to the world, as a baby!

God. Coming to earth changes everything. His presence on earth changes everything.

The day that Christ came to earth, the world changed, maybe even more than it will ever and has ever changed.

The day Christ came transformed the world. I don’t think we can celebrate that enough. That truth changes our lives forever. It still changes, impacts and transforms our lives every day, including today.

I don’t think we can ever possibly celebrate Christ’s coming to earth enough.

That’s why I say bring on the Christmas carols, the twinkling lights and everything else. The Christmas season might be the only time that we ever even think or even have any measure of true gratitude for Christ’s coming to earth.

All the things we do on earth, can come nowhere close enough to the real celebration that should happen everyday for Christ coming to earth.

We are human. We fall short. We get caught up in silly things like red cups, and when we need to start and end celebrating. The real purpose however is that we celebrate.

That we celebrate a child. That we celebrate the coming of Christ in all his glory into all our silly mess.





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