One million blessings

It’s Thanksgiving people! Well it was exactly two days ago and I see no reason for the Thanksgiving to stop.

I do not want to write a trite list of things to show you my perfect life. Sometimes we write about all the good things or only the good things on social media and we paint the perfect life. The perfect picture.

I do not want to do that. While reflecting on this past year, I know this has been the worst year of my entire life. 

So many tears, so much crap, so many struggles and yet so much growth. Which is why even in the midst of it all, I need to look at my blessings. To look at the muck that is my life and see the moments of beauty, the good moments, the blessings.

I am embarking on a project that I would love you to join me on. Every week I will be writing down 100 things that I am grateful for. I invite you to do the same on a piece of paper, on a blog, in a journal where you do it matters less than that you do it.

  1. Cuddling with my cute cats.
  2. Cats wrapped up in blankets.
  3. Warm cups of coffee.
  4. French vanilla coffee creamer.
  5. Morning naps with my baby brother.
  6. Holding my brothers tight.
  7. Sleeping in.
  8. Being home.
  9. Bonfires.
  10. Capture the flag.
  11. Target.
  12. Red leaves on the trea.
  13. Gluten free pumpkin pie.
  14. Pinterest.
  15. Leggings.
  16. A new tunic.
  17. Blogging.
  18. A good book.
  19. A bed to sleep in.
  20. Sneakers.
  21. Playing four square.
  22. Free food.
  23. New socks.
  24. Internet.
  25. Country music.
  26. Coffee and Crumbs blog.
  27. College.
  28. One week of classes left.
  29. Quizlet.
  30. Flannel shirts.
  31. Back porches.
  32. My roommates.
  33. Road trips.
  34. Christmas music.
  35. Graphic design.
  36. A couch.
  37. Heat.
  38. Smoke.
  39. Journalling.
  40. Flowers.
  41. Driving.
  42. Stew.
  43. Football.
  44. My laptop.
  45. Friends.
  46. Basketball.
  47. Email.
  48. Photography.
  49. Comfy tops.
  50. White curtains.
  51. Youtube.
  52. Jane Austen.
  53. Candles.
  54. Turkey with gravy.
  55. Event planning.
  56. Netflix.
  57. Bruce Springsteen.
  58. Concerts.
  59. Graphic Tees.
  60. Chairs.
  61. Movies.
  62. Rom-Coms.
  63. The south.
  64. Sweet Tea.
  65. Beagles.
  66. Chili.
  67. Painting.
  68. DIY.
  69. Music.
  70. Pie.
  71. Babies.
  72. Holiday pajamas.
  73. The gift of writing.
  74. Multitasking.
  75. Ideas.
  76. Creativity.
  77. Hammocks.
  78. Online shopping.
  79. Packages.






One million Blessings


Need a few more reasons? Research shows that Gratitude makes you happier.

I know 100 is a lot so write it in spurts. It still gives the same effect! 🙂


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