Holidays & the mess

It’s been months since you left your comfy clothes, at least that is what it feels like.

Every time you actually leave the house you experience a small victory. You push tears back as you try to focus on being in the moment. You wake up in the morning and you are still crying.

It’s hurting. It’s heartbreak. It is pain like you have never felt before. Sometimes it is a pain that you know all too well and yet it visits again like an unwelcome guest.

These unwelcome guest like to come for the holidays, every single year.

It’s hard when everyone is happy, celebrating and you are just holding it together.

It can seem like you are the only one. The only one who feels this way but you are not. You are not alone and in the midst of all of it you are loved.

You are loved, in the mess. In feeling alone, in feeling broken. You are not alone and you are loved.


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