On mothers

I read a lot of blogs on motherhood which seems weird to me.

There is something about them however that fascinates me. I am particularly fascinated by anything and everything that talks about moms and work-life balance.

Because I don’t know how they do it. Some, say you cannot have it all. I think you can but I am amazed by the people who do.

The moms that work fascinate me partly because I love working and I think making the workforce more mother-friendly is extremely important. I also think making the entire workplace more family friendly would be excellent as well.

It fascinates me because I know how hard I struggle to do it all. To have time for prayer, to exercise, to eat well, to sleep, to get my work done.

I struggle having balance in my life. With school, work, exercise and the list can go on forever. Dads sacrifice a’s well. I think the thing about mothers that gets me though is the physical commitment.

Have you ever let someone else move into your house for an extended period of time rent free?

What about let someone move into your body and live there?

I think the physical task of motherhood is hard. Feeling, hoping, loving all of that is hard.

Motherhood is hard. I think we need to forget the working vs. stay at home mom debate. All Moms are rockstars whether they work or not. Moms are rock stars not as much for what they do  but for how they love.

One of my favorite fictional mothers is Julia from Parenthood. She is a lawyer and she is portrayed really well as someone who loves being a mom. But who also struggles with mom guilt.

I love that portrayal because no matter what she does or the choices she makes Julia loves.

How do you love?


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