Grace for the moment

There are words written on the chalkboard in my bedroom.

Give me grace for the moment.

These words are my daily prayer and not because of anything profound or because I am super holy.

In fact the opposite, I tend to get caught up in the future. In what is going to happen next year, this summer, three years from now. I plan. I already have my plans for Christmas break. I plan but I don’t stop there I also worry.

I worry too much about the future and I am learning (slowly) to let go of that.

I need to learn to live in the moment.

These moments lately have been some of the worst of my life. The I have shed, the suffering I have experienced. The struggle is real and right now I am living it.

Even small things can set me off right now. Things that  I cannot plan for. All I can do is ask. Ask for grace for this moment. For right now. I do not know what will happen in the future.

All I have is the here and now and all I need is grace for the moment.

Grace for the moment.


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