Words are forever

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you asked me that, you might get a lot of answers. A house renovator, a psychologist, a Mom.

Although that is the easy answer, the one I give out when people ask. Deep down my answer is different.

What do you really want to do, deep down? In the greatest depth of your being?

I want to be writer.

Nothing scares me more. Nothing takes everything you have. Nothing takes and takes so much.

Nothing can help you find your path when you are lost so well. I love to write because in the mess that is my life. In the things that make no sense you turn to writing.

Writing is what enables you to untangle the knots, to find beauty.

Nothing is so enduring as writing. I think of all the things you can do in your life. Things that will be forgotten in the next hundred years.

Words last. We go back to them, over and over again. Words never die. They live on even when you don’t and they provide hope, honesty and encouragement.

Words are enduring. That is why deep down what I most want to be is a writer. I want my words to matter, to make a difference. Right now my words help me find my way out of the dark. They help me process the pain, and the joy. Words allow you to never forget. A picture is valuable but words can never be replaced by pictures.

Words are forever.

That is why deep down, I want to be a writer because I want my words to last forever.

Words are Forever


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