Time to breathe.

My schedule has freed up. I have free time!!!

Understand free time for me is an alien concept. I have not had free time since well…. before college.

There is a list of things now that I want to do. A list of idea of how to best use all of this wonderful time so you know me and netflix don’t get too tight.

I still have things to do, don’t get me wrong. However I finally feel like I have enough time to do them all and time to do some other things as well.

I still have a list, because I live my life by lists.

However right now I am so grateful for this moment.

To breathe in and out. To just sit. To just breathe. To do nothing.

I have never noticed it before but time to breathe is amazing. Time to do nothing is incredible.

I know that I need this time and I am so ready to take advantage of it and do just nothing…

Or lots of things but to do them because I want too..

Right now I have a coloring page to work on. I am going to color, and I am going to breathe and that my friends is pretty much incredible!


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