Led by fear

I don’t think we realize it. I know that much of the time I don’t.

I once heard a speaker say that we are either motivated by our fears or our hopes and our dreams.

I have experienced the truth of that firsthand in my life and I cannot agree more.

Sometimes I look at myself to see which one I am being motivated by. Sometimes the answer is clear, other times the answer is far less clear.

I do know one thing. We are absolutely miserable when we are motivated by our fears. We might be motivated by fear, to do something good. Only it takes all the joy and peace out the situation. Being motivated by fear allows you to be slave to your fears.

You are not free, not when you are enslaved by fear.

Dreams free you.  You are free to follow dreams, to discover; but fears enslave you. They tie you down and keep you from living the life you have always dreamed of and the life that you deserve.

I know pain. I know what it means to be led by fear. This is me as a big sister, as trusted freind, as a random writer telling you that letting yourself be dominated by your pain and your fear will cripple you.

When we have been hurt we live in fear of being hurt again. We are scared of what might happen. We allow ourselves to live in fear. However we are not meant to do that, that goes against who we are as people.

I know the reasons we allow ourselves to be dominated by fear. Only you are bigger than your fears, your pain and anything else that is keeping you from  following your dreams.

When you pursue what you desire, you will get hurt. You will also discover hurts you never knew you had. Let your pain have  a purpose but do not let it enslave you! Let your fears be used for good. Realize your fears and recognize them for the lies they are. Use it for good.

Do not be motivated by your fears but rather by your hopes and your dreams.

I think I have said this before but this year I am on a quest to do what scares me. I mean doing things that scare the Hell out of me. Things that I am afraid off.

I no longer want to be dominated by fear. I refuse to let it dominate me so I am going to do what scares me. This means taking my fears and throwing them out the window.

It means learning despite those fears. It means getting past all the mess, fear and crap to live the life that i have always been meant to live.

For me this means being honest and vulnerable. Writing words I never thought I would write. Having confrontational conversations. Allowing myself to get close to people and share myself. It means seeking new jobs and opportunities. It means doing things outside my comfort zone. It means realizing that there will always be reasons not to do things. That is why I need to do them now.

I don’t know what else this year of doing what scares me will hold. I do know that I am following my dreams regardless.

You will be either motivated by your fears or your hopes and your dreams. You chose.

You will either be motivated by your fears or your hopes and your dreams.


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