Only dead fish go with the flow.

We are peppered with inspiration in our lives.

I was walking through walmart last night and I was super tempted to look at all the canvas’s with inspirational quotes and buy all of them!

I just went on pintrest and my feed is filled with quotes like

Be stronger than your strongest excuse.

Stars can’t shine without darkness.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.  -Coco Channel

As well as my personal favorite.

Only dead fish go with the flow

We have all this “creativity” just sitting around. All this untapped ability. I have read so many quotes about dreaming, actually living your life, embracing yourself, traveling. Reaching for the stars and achieving all of your dreams.

The problem is none of these words have really done me a lot of good. It’s like somehow I think reading these will make them all true. It won’t.

Pinterest is all about inspiring creativity. Yet I think we are one of the least creative ages that has ever existed.


If we have a question we google it. If we wonder how to do something we go on pinterest. If we need ideas or motivation, we can also go on pintrest and look at our own carefully crafted quote boards. I have a DIY board filled with crafts that I might never do. I certainly never thought these ideas up on my own. I just looked at someone else’s.

We have stopped thinking, wondering, hoping, dreaming. All the things that our quote boards are telling us to do.

We have to learn to figure things out on our own. To dream, bigger, deeper. It is not that these quotes are lieing to us. They are true and honestly very applicable to our lives. I mean clearly “Only dead fish go with the flow,” is inspirational.

Really though we are all going with the flow. Our first reaction when we wonder something is to go on to google. We have stopped wondering.

Wondering is a powerful tool. Figuring things out is a powerful tool. Feeling lost, broken and hopeless are all very important too. I remember starting college. I remember being scared and confused.

I also know that it was one of the best times of my life because I was forced to grow. Forced to dream. Forced to think. Forced to figure out who I was.

That is the real issue with all these quotes.

We have to figure out what is true for us. We have to chose what is best for ourselves.

Pintrest, youtube and google are all helpful. Only they don’t know you. Only you can know you. Only you can chose what is best for you.

Maybe you do not have serious case of wanderlust and a desire to travel. I do but I know that not because pinterest told me but because I experienced it.

I know that it is true for me.

Pinterest is a place for ideas, a springboard as is any other internet source of information. I am not really hating on pinterest, I use it all the time.

The thing is pintrest cannot answer any questions. It can only give us ideas.

Only you can control where you go from here. Which is why we have to avoid getting stuck. Stuck pinning images, or reading wonderful quotes without doing anything.

You have a life. Go out and live it. Dream. Go big. Believe.

But really.

Just go do something.

Pin those awesome quotes about writing. But do not stop there. Write something. Figure out your own adventure. Do what you love.

But remember, “Only dead fish go with the flow.”


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