Writing , Sleeping and Walking

I want to be a writer so I have to sleep.

I have discovered this after many sleepless nights and too many episodes of sheer exhaustion.

It is true that sometimes writing comes even out of the exhaustion. When inspiration hits and there is nothing you can do but write no matter the day or the hour.

Still most of the time that is not the case. Writing is a creative process. It involves creativity and inspiration. Sometimes that strikes out the blue but most of the time creativity comes when we are at our best. When we are most alert, most aware of life.

When I find myself sucked of all energy and inspiration there is usually one problem. I am exhausted.

Being creative takes energy and it needs energy. For ideas to come, sleep must also come. When we sleep we are then more alert, awake and aware. That is when our mind is the most sharp (not on our sixth cup of coffee).

Creativity comes and  then ideas come. In fact this does not just relate to sleep.

It also relates to excercise and walking. Studies show that walking actually increases creativity and often helps people write and create. Mozart was known for walking as many as twenty miles a day. This helped him be more creative.

It seems kinda ridiculous. I would never before have thought that to be a writer I needed to sleep and take a walk. However it boosts my creativity and I neeed all the boosts I can get.

I had read the research but I probably would never have believed it if I did not have one case study right in front of me at all times. Myself.

Taking a walk. Clearing the air, spending time outsides; boosts creativity.

Getting some sleep, recharging your body and mind boosts creativity.

I have to take care of myself to be creative and to be a writer, and I desperately want to be a writer hence I am going to go take a nap…


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