the ugly green

I was sitting there, sourounded by girls I love. They were saying nice things about each other like girls sometimes do…

Complimenting each other, genuinely and honestly.

It was beautiful (or maybe I should say it should have been beautiful). It was great for everyone but me.

All I could think was…

“She is so much better than me. I am nothing like that. Why can I not be more like her?”

In a moment that should have been wonderful, I was just filled with jealousy and comparision. As women, comparision is a disease that can eat us up. Sometimes it eats us all the way to the core. That is if we let it.

I let myself get caught up in it, as I thought about everything that I was not.

I should not do that, in fact I make myself miserable doing it.

The day before the ugly green monster came into my life yet again; I met a girl who was totally herself.

When I say totally herself, I mean I have never met anyone more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

I knew there was something different about her. As we were talking she said “My greatest talent is being myself.”

She was just being herself. Totally and completely. She was totally comfortable in who she was as a person that she did not need to compare. She was totally herself.

Consumed by an ugly green monster or totally happy with who you are as a person?

The choice is yours and mine..


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