urgent not important

One of the biggest issues in our modern day society is very simple.

We chose what is urgent over what is more important.

On a daily basis, we do this. I check my email before I pray in the morning. I get caught up in shopping before a sale ends. I answer the text message before I talk to the person right in front of me.

I put off studying until the last minute. Then the studying is the most urgent thing I have to do. Yet I need to pray. Prayer is important yet  I rush from one urgent thing to the next.

The things that are most important to me do not usually get done. Especially not on a daily basis. Because I chose urgency over importance.

Sometimes when we do this we find ourselves lost. Lost in running around getting urgent things done before another one falls on us. Yet, we are failing to focus on what actually matters.

In my experience that is often the point at which I burn out. I burn out, not even knowing what I do or why that is even important. The answer is that most of the time it is not.

I need to focus on what is important not just what is urgent. I am not there yet but one day I will be.

So today focus on what is important.


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