But what if I become a rancher

“But what if I become a rancher or move to Texas? And what if there are snakes there? Also do they have snakes in Alaska because that would be a reason to move there.”

I doubt these words have ever come out of your mouth, but they came out of mine..

(Also totally just googled snakes in Alaska and apparently they only have garter snakes.)

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Worrying about highly hypothetical situations or trying to worry and plan for every possible life scenario?

What if I don’t like possums and a bunch of them move into my basement in five years?

What if I hate snot so much I can never have kids.. because kids have snot (as does everyone else and this might have been a childhood worry of mine..)

You cannot worry about everything. Even if you did what would it accomplish?

What does my worrying about possibly coming into contact with snakes several years from now even accomplish?

Time and energy. Specifically it uses up my time and my energy. Besides it is just plain ridiculous.

Worrying accomplishes nothing and saying things out loud or to another person also makes you realize how ridiculous you are..

Like when you realize the words “What if I became a rancher and there are snakes,” just came out of your mouth.


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