Wanted and Infinitely loved

I found myself at the tomb of the unborn. This is the one place on my campus that always makes me cry. No matter how happy I am.

It is a hard burden to carry and today I felt like I just could not do it anymore. I could not carry that sadness around with me anymore.

I started to pray, wondering the purpose for this. Children killed before they even had a life to live.

Sometimes I feel unwanted and unloved.

I thoughts drifted to that as I sat and looked at that tomb. The tomb of the unborn babies. Those who had been rejected by their parents. Rejected from the womb of their mother that place where they should be safe and protected.

I cannot a more complete rejection, than being ripped from your mother’s womb. Than being thrown away. That is perfect rejection.

Yet I realized those children are wanted. Infinitely loved and wanted.

Those are the children who were wanted by God. They were created by God because he wanted them. I firmly believe that these children are now with him.

A God who created them because he wanted them. A God who will not abandon them when everyone else has. A God who created them because he loves them with an infinite love and who wants them more than anyone else ever could.

These children, killed are infinitely wanted and loved.

Then it hit me, I am infinitely loved and wanted.

It does not matter if sometimes I have felt unwanted or unloved. If I have not have loved myself because I blame myself for things that were never my fault. If like me they carry the wounds of their parents who also felt unloved and unwanted.

I am wanted and infinitely loved by God, and that is enough.


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