moving past the mess

“I have always had this weird feeling that some day I am going to speak in front of hundreds of people. But that does not make any sense because of all my mess and brokenness.”

I told my therapist this, full of honesty and with a fair level of confusion.

He looked at me and said “Yeah but people who have been healed do go out and speak and tell others about their healing.”

“And you are going to be healed.”

I do not believe in my own healing a lot. Who knows why. There have got to be many, many reasons why.

However, these words of truth pushed me out of my mediocrity. The pushed me past myself. They pushed me out the door.

They pushed me to do the things that I was made to do. I was made to be able to speak. I was made to be able to tell my story, every person is.

I am no longer going to let fear cripple and paralyze me. I will not let my fears keep me from doing that which I was meant to do.

Do not be motivated by your fears but rather by your hopes and your dreams.  -unknown


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