Anything but ordinary

Sometimes it can feel or seem silly to blog about my life. It seems insignificant. The days are short. The moments fly by. I think however that is part of the reason that I do write. The moments fly by and I want to treasure them.

A few days ago I was walking outside I realized just how fleeting all of this is. This life is fleeting. It does not last long. There is a line from a book the Happiness Project that I cannot get out of my head.

The days fly by but the years are short.

These days are wonderful. I want to take a moment to see the wonder. To look around campus. To see the leaves just beginning to turn. To see people living their lives going on about their activities.

I want to notice, the good, true and beautiful.

This past saturday was a very rainy day. It was also cold. I grabbed some coffee. Wrapped myself up in some blankets and sat on my bed to immerse myself in Monarch of the Glen (the show).

But this was not just a passive enjoyment. I was sitting there with the sound of the rain pouring down. Cozy in my blankets. Warm with my drink, just enjoying the moment. Enjoying the opportunity.

Something so simple. So ordinary. Something that I miss all the time. These moments were so ordinary. Yet I noticed them and I noticed just how perfect these moments were.

In those moments I was content.

That is not something that happens for me very often, if ever.

However I was content to fully embrace the moment and I discovered that sometimes the ordinary can be anything but.

Sometimes when we look at what we thought was ordinary,  it turns out to be extraordinary.

Enjoy your ordinary because it is anything but.


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