Pumpkin spice lyfe fails

A few days ago I decided that I was in desperate need of a pumkin spice latte.

I even went online to look up the day when Starbucks first started to carry them for the fall, my love for the pumpkin spice runs deep.

So after dropping my friend at the airport (with her car) I decided to stop at Kroger and visit the Starbucks inside.

I received my latte to my endless joy. Decided that this latte was proof of God’s endless love for me and walked outside to realize. . .

1)I think my friend’s car is silver. 2) I think it has Texas plates.

Armed with this knowledge I found the car and proceeded to spend ten minutes trying to get the key to work to open the doors.

At this point I was starting to get slightly panicky. How could I have locked myself out of her car? She is on a plane so I cannot call her.

I went to the back of the car thinking that somehow opening the trunk could help me. Nope.

Then I noticed this car had

Georgia plates.

Which meant two things 1) It was not my friends car 2) I had just spent 10 minutes trying to break into someone else’s car.

Naturally I looked up found the correct car, sprinted over, opened the door and spilled my entire latte, on my shoes, jeans and the ground.

Lyfe fails.

I then laughed the entire way home.

At least my lyfe fails make me laugh. 🙂


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