Yesterday, I found myself sitting at my desk, paper in front of me staring off into space and up at the ceiling.

Honestly I have no idea when that last happened.

I am a girl who is plugged in. Way more than I would like to admit it. While back at home for the summer I would commonly bring my laptop with me. From room to room. Upstairs to downstairs. I would even take my tablet outside with me and use it while lying in the hammock..

But I also was able to turn my phone off and leave it of for an entire day!!

Hence I figured that all things considered I was doing great.

I love my laptop. Quite a lot actually in fact I am using it right now. Only since being back at school I have elected to take notes without it. As well as too study without my laptop.

The results have been awesome. I am much less distracted and I spend moments just thinking. I spend moments just slowing down.

Sure I still have days where I wake up and immediately pull out my laptop (to write) but I am also trying to learn to appreciate the joy of being just a little more unplugged.

So ironic to write this post on the internet… lol irony is the spice of life.


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