losing cell phones & little faith

I lose my cell phone a lot. In fact, all the time might be more accurate.

I misplace it and cannot find it. I am one of those people who constantly needs to call herself so she can find her cell phone.

Once while really sick my cell phone accidentally found its way into the trash can . . . and the rest is history. So I bought a new one.

Today like all days I could not find my cell phone. I thought it was in a box that I was unpacking. I kept going back to check in that box and kept not finding it.

My mind finally went to that panic zone. I really did lose it for good this time. Oh no this is so horrible. I will now have the spend the rest of my day looking for it. 

Then I unpacked that box and I took everything out. Then I found my phone at the bottom of that box. I realized then just how silly it is to worry.

What is the worst that could possibly happen? The worst that could happen is that I would lose it for good and spend $30 on a new one and take about 30 minutes to find that new phone. Then I would be without it for a couple of days, set it up and have a phone again, and that is the worst case scenario.

Best case I find it, in a few minutes or a couple of hours and it honestly does not matter which.

Then I realized just how silly it is not only to worry about things that do not really matter but I also realized how little faith I have.

My phone is just an electronic and a cheap one at that.

The problem is me. I don’t trust that I am going to find my phone. But more importantly I don’t trust that no matter what happens,

God is in control and everything will work out.

It is me that lacks the faith and worries about teeny, tiny insignificant things. God is in control of all of this. He has it and somehow everything will work out.

That is faith trusting in God and his plan. No matter what. Some could argue that God does not care about those tiny details like me losing my phone. I think he does but if he does not then why would I waste my time and energy worrying about something that God does not even deem worthy of his attention.

So next time when I lose my cell phone I will take it as a reminder of how little my faith is and a reminder of the great faithfulness of God.


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