Attempting to do nothing

Today I decided to do nothing, for a few minutes. I shut off my computer early instead of cruising my email for a bit longer. I shut off my computer in order to practice the art of

Doing nothing.

The funny thing about this is that I failed, miserably.

I cleaned my room, made my bed (which never happens) then I cleaned and re-arranged the rest of my belongings, put up a shoe rack and took out a bunch of trash. Then I read a few pages of a textbook and visited with friends and my roommate!

So I totally failed at doing nothing. Which might seem like a strange goal but I am trying to get rid of the feeling that I must be accomplishing and doing things all the time. Clearly that did not work out at all. However I was stunned at all the little (and important) things that I found time to do when I was focusing on doing nothing.

I might have failed at doing nothing but this also led me to realize how much time I spend waste on the computer. Had I not turned off the computer I would not have gotten all of those things done.

So even if I did not succeed in doing nothing I did discover how much I can get done in a few moments that I do not feel like I was attached to my laptop ( which I love).

Which is really proof that maybe the only thing I was doing on my laptop was nothing. Well at least nothing of consequence.


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