I am in the midst of the annual back to school move this week.. I hate the annual move back to school week. Particularly this year when my stress levels already feel beyond me.

First of all “Who ever thought this was a good idea?”

I am realizing just how transient college life is. It contains insane amounts of flux and change. You leave for college. Then come home for a month around Christmas. Then you go back for about four months.

Then you move out and back home or to wherever your summer job happens to be.

Then you repeat the entire process all over again. For me, the ever special case, I have moved every four months for the past two years of my college career. Not to mention the addition of having my family move and living in five different places in the previous five years…

It’s no wonder I feel like I am in some insane state of flux. With it comes a curious sense and feeling of not belonging.

Not having a place that you fit. Even back at college things change every year and every semester. You have different schedules, friends leave, each sememster is different. So much is changing all the time.

So on days like today I get freaked out, and that is ok. Moving all the time. Re-adjusting is hard.

It is normal and ok to fear the unknown.

I am quite honestly a little scared. But I am trying to keep choosing to believe that wonderful things happen. That life brings new adventures every single day and today-this semester is no different.

I am ready for this adventure.. I am just going to need a few days to adjust and that is ok.


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