Because we need silly

I am gonna write this, and I cannot believe I am actually going to publish it. Last night at a concert one of the singers said “Laughter is the only thing that keeps us sane.”

I could not agree with that more and honestly I need to start laughing way more if I even have a chance at this staying sane thing… or perhaps becoming sane.

So I hope you will laugh at how awkward I am (even in my dreams).

So I had this dream about a guy. The details are a little fuzzy but a few stand out.

I had for some reason asked him out, on a date WITH MY ENTIRE FAMILY!!  Clearly (my dreaming self is crazy!)

We hung out and we also looked at a really odd house with my parents. (and yes this was a first date in my dream)

Then for some reason my Mom proceeded to tell all of us in our 15 passenger van together that… “He’s just not that into you..because you asked him out.”

While he was in the car! (clearly dreaming Mom not so great.)

Then for some reason it was over…and I was super awkward…. I tried to play it off like I had really just wanted a practice date…and so I asked him on one? For practice…

But we all know that wasn’t the truth.

So awkward dreams and really  I just hopes this makes you laugh…so you can stay sane.


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