Random chance or intelligent design?

I could write from a metaphysical point of view. I could use Aquinas to prove the existence of God. Only that’s not why I believe that God does in fact exist.

I am a dreamer, a thinker and deep down a philosopher at heart.

I look around me and I see detail.

As a young child,  I spent a lot of time wondering how we all came to be. I asked myself the question “What is?” “How did we get here?”

That question scared me. It terrified me. But I still asked it. I am not one to take things at face value. So I questioned. I questioned my very existence and the existance of how we all came to be.

I have a mental image of how I felt when  I asked those questions. There was utter blackness and me; lost in the blackness and unattached to anything.

That image clashed with what I know. That image clashes with the world I see. The world full of color and wonder and detail. The world that is very tangible and real.

I could theorize about how the world came to be, but I don’t need to. I look around and I see detail. I have been spending the majority of my summer studying human anatomy and physiology. Nothing convinces me more than knowing the complexity of the human body. The complexity within, the minute details-without which no one could live.

Life is maintained through careful homeostasis, keeping things the same. A careful balance. Coming into being, new life-is just as complex. The amount of things that occur in order for conception to happen amazes me. It’s like every life is a one in a million chance. Every person that exists-the amount of things that had to line up for a person to be conceived is akin to winning the lottery.

It’s science. Cold, hard facts. I like science for that very reason. Faith however is more difficult. Faith is a step of a cliff. Faith has a level of unsure-ness. We cannot be sure about everything.

I look around me. I look at this world that we live in. I look at the tiny blades of grass. The detailed snowflakes. The millions of reactions that occur on the level of atoms and molecules. Those minute details that somehow make up life.

Millions of reactions occur-at every single second for the world and life to exist.

When I look at all that it takes for life to flourish. All the tiny details.

I am convinced that I do not have faith big enough to believe that somehow all of this started by chance. That somehow randomly millions reactions occurred to bring the world into existence, and to maintain it.

I have faith but not that much faith.

I do not have faith big enough to believe that all of this, every detail, every atom and every molecule. Every chemical reaction-occurred by chance.

Random chance or intelligent design?

I don’t want to argue whether the world came to be through random chance or intelligent design. All I know is that I do not have faith big enough to believe that somehow everything occurred by chance.

I have faith-enough to believe that some prime mover was behind everything we know as being. I have faith enough to believe that prime mover still keeps things in being. This being-this supreme being is known as God. Why? Because for all the attributes that we give to this prime being-match the attributes of that prime being, that for centuries nations have worshipped as God.

Thus they are one and the same. Since we worship the prime being-and it is a prime being who could have put all of this into motion.

The reasons we doubt-or at least the reasons I doubt have less to do this existence and more to do with life. More to do with reconciling the belief in a good-Almighty and the suffering we see.

That is a problem of faith. A problem of understanding. It is not a problem of our existence.

I might struggle with certain beliefs but I am a person of little faith.

So what I do know is this-I don’t have enough faith to believe that all of this happened by chance.

Think about the world we live in, the universe, the minute details that ensure life and then decide for yourself.

Do you have faith enough to believe in random chance or intelligent design?


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