I have a really small bladder and I drink tons of coffee and water. So a few weeks ago while en route to North Carolina I had to pee. I mean I really had to pee.

We stopped at a random Walmart purely so I could use the bathroom.

I bolted out of the car, ran inside, saw the sign for bathroom and dashed in.

Then I noticed, there were an awful lot of urinals.

As I sped out I passed a very confused teenage boy.

Whoops. Sad things, is that is definitely not the first time that has happened to me.

I do things like that all the time. I am a legit mess.

I have a list of places I have puked that includes, Church bathrooms, in my hands on the pool deck, in a cup while driving.

I am full of imperfections like that. I make mistakes. Sometimes I just feel like a total and complete mess. A mess whose life is anything but together.

It’s true but that is also the real me and right now I am sick of pretending that is not me.

Sure I make mistakes. I have failed exams, I have been in a car accident that was purely my own fault.

The point is that it is ok. It is ok not to be perfect. It is perfectly fine to make mistakes. I make mistakes. They are a part of me. They are also a part of me too.

I want nothing more than to be real, right here in this corner of the internet.

Being real means that I will share the good and the bad. The times I screw up and the times I do not.

I want to show that all of these moments, no matter how messy they seem are good.

Life is good. Good.

Life is good but messy. It is a messy adventure which is why no one could ever write a script for life. The good, the bad, the messy that is all part of life; and life is good.


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